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Thursday, March 10, 2016 by Sharon Nichols Keith How to Fall Asleep Fast: Our 25 Best Tips

Leesa-endorsed strategies to help you get to sleep as quickly as possible.

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Under the Influence: Leadership Skills, Sleep, & Startup Culture

At Leesa, we’re proud of our start-up status, complete with the culture associated with industry-disrupting, tech-oriented companies. While we don’t have an office foosball table or beer on tap (yet!), we do have an energetic, spirited team (our lead developer is also a talented freestyle rapper prone to narrating awkward moments in delightfully absurd rhymes), casual dress code, and fast-paced environment where job roles can shift quickly based on dynamic priorities.

Save It for the Bedroom

(Psss: Don’t go around clicking on links like the title of this post! You’ll be more likely to infect your computer with malware than find a magical insomnia cure.)

It’s fair to say that, at Leesa, we’re pretty obsessed with #sleephacks. If you can offer a way to get a better night’s sleep, we’ll try it. Warm bath before bedtime? Do it all the time. Counting sheep? Even though I have a phobia of numbers stemming from a traumatic middle-school Algebra class taught by my mother, I’ve counted them all. A spoonful of sea slug entrails? Hm. Haven’t tried it yet, but if the situation ever became dire enough…

Leveraging Sleep for Learning

Exam tomorrow morning? Cramming for that weekly organic chem quiz or quarterly presentation? Faced with such challenges, most people play Robin Hood – stealing hours from their sleep to give to their studies. Sure, everyone knows you should try and get a good night’s sleep. But the night before the MCAT or LSAT, who has the confidence to just lie back and sleep?

Not only should you have more confidence in the learning-enhancing properties of sleep. There are simple strategies you can implement to tip the balance even more in your own favor.