Friday, March 4, 2016 by Sharon Nichols Keith Faith in the Future: Seattle Union Gospel Mission

Leesa donates 293 mattresses to the historic West Coast shelter.

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Exercise vs. Sleep: You’ll be Surprised by Fitness Expert Jim White’s Advice

A few years ago GQ magazine asked fitness expert Jim White a question: If a client came to you and said they have 30 extra minutes per day to spend on either exercise or sleep, which would you recommend they spend it on? Jim’s answer? “Well, I'm a fitness guy, so you'd think I'd say fitness. But I always take sleep first.”

It would be in Jim’s best interests to advocate the opposite. As the national spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and in his role as an advisor for Men’s Fitness magazine, he reinforces the value of eating well and exercising every day. But here’s the thing: Jim White is a very nice guy.

Slanger Management

If you’re a parent – or a human being – you know that sleep deprivation makes people cranky. Our ability to cope with life’s annoyances dips when we don’t get enough sleep, but sleep deprivation affects a lot more than just our behavior in the moment. Medical research has shown that sleep deprivation affects our “emotional memories,” meaning our perception of an event or period in life is permanently shaped by how much sleep we were getting at the time.

Buckle up for safety, kids. The Leesa Blog is about to drop some science.